my poem's mythology

mating      sounding the first note of our Summer

flirting, courting and mischief

I have used a mythology that tells of the Hawthorne encouraging us to play with others. I believe that whenever we play through mischief and flirting, we also enter into a dance of discovery.

Bards have shared stories of Huathe the Hawthorne in May, the time when it releases subtle fragrances that flirts with the wombs of women and ignites sparks of lustful longing.

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my Huathe The Hawthorn story poem explained ...

My story poem here opens up the second quarter of the year when spring flows into summer blossoming and our invitations to others is to share some fun.

Connecting and sharing with others is always a quest to adventure into the unknown. It is usually a moment of time of uncertainty when we question what to do and what will flow.

I do not start this story with a handshake or a hug but with a bit of touchy feely, flirting, mischief and trickery. We engage with a dance of wonder, that we follow aimlessly and cautiously when we manoeuvre around new feelings that command us to connect with new people.

We may call these temptations. We may blame these feelings on the spells of the Faerie Folk that bring boys and girls together.

So through the opening of this story poem innocent feelings are blended into dance and drama as part of our playful May time. May time traditions today still involves Hawthorn May Trees and its May blossoms.

The story poem then changes into a slower mood that moves into the intimate moments of the mating time of May. We are brought to the secret hidden bed in the forest, prepared with hawthorn blossoms.

Words towards the end that speak "where I will bless hope and heal a broken heart" is not referring to a past or lost human relationship. This is a sentiment to reveal that any hurt from a romance lost is never the crisis we think it is.

When we may feel our ego is totally crushed it is a reminder that something wonderful is about to happen.

The last two lines may not seem to make sense, and they are not intended to be grammatically correct. These lines express the connection of worlds at the moment when a couple consummate and join life together. This is a moment that I find is impossible to put into methodical words and grammar, because if I could, I feel such words could never be true.

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