fuel in the hearth

Hawthorn is possibly the very best wood fuel and sustainable due to being native and a quick grower, but superstition and fae mythology prevents many people using this wood in home hearths.


Splitting into logs is sometimes tricky due to knotting


Ignites very easily, and makes perfect start up kindling with a hand axe


Does spark a little


Only smokes when wet, and even then only minimally

heat quality?

Extremely good for heat and due to low water content and can be burned dry or green, and quite slow burning, but finding wide logs is scarce. Folks who are not affected by the hawthorn superstition tie the narrow branches together in bundles, traditionally called "faggots" and place those on the fire. Some say the tradition is overcome if the hawthorn enters the home after sunset and is burned before the next daylight. If you can overcome the superstitions, Hawthorn is the finest winter fuel for the open fire.


Wonderful fragrance when burning, sometimes a sweet rose like smell

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