ritual and Celebration Burning

Though hawthorn is a good burning wood it does not seem to appear in celebration fires. This is probably due to the wood's link to the Fae and Sidhe and a fear of upsetting either through burning.

wands and staves

Carrying staves, wands and twigs of hawthorn is treasured by many people.

Carrying staves is said to ensure the blessing and protection of Brighid at all times

Wands are used to call upon Brighid and some people use them to call upon rain


Sprigs of hawthorn is carried on fishing boats to call upon Manannan or Lír to bring fish to the boats.
Sprigs of hawthorn are also hung outside homes to protect them and bless them.

Hawthorns gathered to create staves, wands and sprigs should be from hedge hawthorns of mature hawthorns grouped with others at the side of the field. Lone hawthorns in the middle of fields should not be touched as it is said that the Fae will be angered and bad omens will reveal to the abuser.

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